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OLEO Draft Gear

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Draft gear is the core of the whole draft system. It is a large heavy component that absorbs the energy of the equipment coupling together. Draft gear provides rebound force that maintains slack between the cars so that the cars can be moved without damaging other components or product installed on wagons.

In order to meet all specific requirements, draft gear was designed in many different versions, like Mark 50, Mark H-50, SL-76,TF880, MT-2,MT-3 etc. to name just a few. Generally, draft gear are interchangeable in accordance with AAR Rule21. 

OLEO Draft Gear has tested by the AAR and conforms to the AAR 901K Specification. It fits the standard 24 5/8 inch coupler pocket.

OLEO hydraulic draft gears offer significant life cycle cost savings, compared with conventional draft gears.


Capsule type: Gas Hydraulic



Dynamic Capacity: 350KJ

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