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E/F TYPE Coupler

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E/Fcoupler is developed from Type E coupler, which has the same coupler headdesign with “E” Coupler, and same coupler shank and butt end design with type“F” coupler.

Variationof Type E/F Coupler

Liketype “E” coupler and “F” coupler, according to wagon requirement, based onbasic designed of “E” head and “F” shank, “E/F” couplers could have variouscompatible designs. Such as coupler head shelved, and extended the shanklength, have been adopted in many applications.


Materialof type “E/F” coupler body, knuckle and locks are AAR M-201 Grade E Steel whichare casted by alloy steel and heated treated as quenching and tempering. Letter“E” will be casted on the product body indicates the material Grade “E”. Therealso have the case required more strong material as AAR M-201 Grade E+. UsingGrade E+ for coupler body and coupler knuckle will improve the coupler materialtensile strength.


Allvariation of type E/F coupler should be interchangeable, and have the No. 10-Acontour at coupler mating lines. Coupler Contour should meet the requirement ofAAR 
S-106 specification same as type “E”.


·       SingleRotary Bottom Operation

·       DoubleRotary Bottom Operation

·       TopOperation

(Unless specified on the order, E coupler willbe fitted as Single Rotary Bottom Operating type).


Yoke:Y40AE– AAR S-141Y41AE – AAR S-142SY40AE - AAR S-143


YokeKey:DRAFT KEY – AAR S-121

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