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Coupler yokes

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Coupleryokes serve the purpose of forming a pocket for the draft gear and maintainingthe gear in proximity to the rear end of the coupler, so that forces applied tothe coupler head are dampened by the gear. In standard freight car draftarrangements, a rectangularly shaped block of steel is interposed between thebutt of the coupler shank and the front working-end of the draft gear. Thisblock extends crosswise through the front end of the yoke gear pocket and istermed the front follower. The relative positions of the front follower anddraft gear to the coupler butt are maintained due to the securement of the yoketo the coupler shank by a connecting key, or pin. 

Theyoke design is predicated on the draft gear and coupler shank end. The yokedraft gear pocket must be compatible, in length, to the gear length and travelafforded by the gear. The shape of the front end of the yoke must be suited toreceive the butt end of the coupler shank with proper provision for theconnection of these two items. Thus, different yokes are required to fit witheach major design of coupler shank butt.

The main structure of the product:

1.Product name : 13-Type forged yoke

2.Weight : 104kg

3.Forging material : 25MnCrNiMoA.

4.Induction heating and roll forging process

5.Grain size is not less than 6 class.

6.Heat treatment : Normalizing  + quenching and hightemperature tempering.

7.Forging surface are not allowed to have a crack and fold.

8.Ultrasonic Testing + Magnetic particle inspection

9.CRCC Certification

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